Call yourself a Slot Games Boffin? Here’s 5 Things you probably didn’t know

So, you’re here because you’re a bit of a slots boffin, but at FreeSlots4U our team are like the grand masters of the slots world and we’re more than likely about to teach you a few things you never knew about your beloved games.

They Have Been Around for Years

The original slot game is thought to be the Liberty Bell design, but you knew that, right? This was developed by Charles Augustus Fey in 1895 but even this is an adaptation of a much older game. Fey’s game had three reels and would pay out coins. The most you could expect to win from it was a mere 50 cents; much smaller than the payouts you see today!

They Can Have Literally Any Theme

There are some themes one can always expect from the world of slots. Irish and Ancient Egyptian slots are nearly as old as the games themselves and there are more produced every year with developers recognising how perfect of a match these topics are for their games. However, there are some niches which we think no-one could have predicted. Plenty of famous TV shows and movies have their own slots. If you ever fancy a spin on the Game of Thrones or Goonies slot, you can most definitely do so.

Not Every Slot Has Bonus Features

We know many slots which have bonus feature after bonus feature pouring onto our screens whenever we spin the reels. However, there are some slot games which like to take it back a notch, to see some examples click here. The original slots did not have anything crazy about them and some modern games are exactly the same. If you’re looking for a nice, simple, 3×3 slot with no Wilds and no crazy bonuses, you’ll be able to find it!

They Can Be Combined with Other Games

Ever thought of mixing bingo games and slots? If you have, you’re going to love Slingo. You spin out numbers and try to fill a bingo card to win cash prizes. If you don’t do it in your first bet, you can pay more to spin the bingo balls again to try to go for Slingo! You could also think about trying out a scratch card. These are much the same as a paper game and can provide you with an instant win thrill if that’s what you’re after.

VR Slots are on the Way!

What’s next for the world of slots? A step into the world of virtual reality could be on the cards. NetEnt has been tinkering with their classic Gonzo’s Quest for quite a while now and we think VR will become increasingly common as the technology becomes more readily available to the mass market. We might even see this extend into other areas of online casinos. Can you imagine how awesome VR table games would be?

We hope you were surprised by these five fun facts about slot games! The games themselves always keep us on our toes. Just when we think we know everything about them, we’re able to find out something new like one of the things listed above. So be honest, how many of those facts did you already know?