There are hundreds of people that will tell you that they have discovered how to beat different casino games. This is especially true when referring to Internet casinos since it is easy to believe that software can help you improve your winning chances. The truth is that in most cases the software is simply a scam and most of those that try to sell you products will basically give you access to the same information that you can find for free if you know where to look. Never fall for any ad that promises a sure strategy that will always work as something like this does not exist. There is no system that can be used in order to constantly win at any casino game.

The only way in which you can possibly improve the chances of winning is to learn the game that you are playing. Every single casino game is going to have a house edge. This can be defined as the advantage that the casino has over the player. Such a house edge is the reason why the casino will always make money on the long run and why players eventually lose if they do not know what they should do. You are never going to see the casino bankrupt unless there are no people playing there for a longer period of time.

Playing slots and casino games can be lucrative but not everyone that joins in has the best of intentions. Cheaters, manipulators and all sorts of people are drawn to attempting to beat the house by whatever means necessary. Of course, not all of these players have been caught but this article will tell you all about a selection of the most prominent who have.

Casino Scandals

Chip Manipulation

This slippery character started out as a dealer in Vegas, which gave him the chance to observe the action from the other side. This allowed him to spot a vulnerability on the tables and he was brave enough to try it out for himself. Casino owners were actually pretty shocked by how simple his con was, we’d bet they were embarrassed too. So what was his simple trick? It was a case of using brown ($500) chips and similarly coloured red ($5) chips. He would stack these chips with the brown on the bottom, then wait to see the outcome of the game. If his bet was successful, he would reveal the brown chip, if not he would use sleight of hand to switch it out for a red.